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Christopher Ross

[S3E4] Code 4 [UPDATED]

The boys called a code red, and Will provided a theory for why he was feeling the Mind Flayer. He believed that Eleven had closed the gate on the part that Joyce cast out of him, trapping him on their side. After observing Billy, they planned to trap him in the sauna and draw the Mind Flayer out with heat.

[S3E4] Code 4

Is that dinosaur skin? Better question: Why are they hugging so passionately? It turns out that this real estate journey Richard is about to embark on has extra personal significance: The client, Roberta Kozloff, is a good friend of Richard's wife. She's looking to upgrade her pied-a-terre from the rental in the low 60s that she currently shares with her husband, Paul, who is huge in the hydraulic hose business, naturally. This Palm Beach power-couple wants a bigger space so they can entertain their Upper East Side pals. "I can't even have a card party here," Roberta explains, and we assume "card party" is code for orgy, because rich people are such cards! "That's the ugliest oven I've ever seen," Richard says, and Roberta can do nothing but make a limp attempt at a joke, her great shame exposed for all of Park Avenue to see. Look at this hideous thing!

The "pearls" Maeve is talking about are the round control units that house the basic essence of each Host. We know Dolores took several of those from Delos' island at the end of Season 2, but what we didn't know until now is that the majority of those Control units were just duplications of Dolores' code. She literally made tiny robot brain copies of herself, and then stuck those duplicate robot brains in new robot bodies that look like different people. 041b061a72


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