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Recipe For Roasted Ham HOT!

I used just a basic miniature ham so I halved the recipe. It was really good. It totally elevated a basic precooked ham. After the 2nd basting, I turned the temperature up to 450 since it was still pink looking. It browned nicely.

recipe for roasted ham

This recipe looks amazing. I plan to try it later this week with a whole bone-in ham, approximately 17 lbs. Any recommendations for how I should adjust cooking times and temperatures for a larger ham? I was considering lowering the oven temperature for the first step to 300 F and increasing the time to 60 minutes, but keeping the second step temperature and times the same. Thoughts?

Thank you so much for this awesome recipe. I hosted Christmas eve this year for my in-laws, they loved it as did I. I will never look for another glazed ham recipe again since this has to be the best. One question though, what is the best way to warm up the leftovers?

Thank you for this amazing and easy to follow recipe. The ham turned out moist, tender, and super tasty! It received rave reviews from our guests. I had a lot of requests for this recipe, and I will be directing them to your page!

My husband usually cooks the ham but this time I did and it was so amazingly juicy and flavorful! Everyone loved it! I wish I could pay a photo because out came out so pretty! Thanks for the recipe.

In this recipe I add my favorite Brown Sugar Glaze for ham using, of course, brown sugar and a bit of pineapple juice (orange juice works great too). The glaze is flavorful without being too sweet and adding a delicious sticky coating to the outside of the ham.

I take the extra step (about 4 minutes of extra time) to thicken the glaze slightly because this makes it adhere to the ham much better. You can use dark or light brown sugar in this recipe but dark brown sugar has a bit more flavor.

Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. Her greatest passion is creating in the kitchen and making deliciously comforting recipes for the everyday home cook!See more posts by Holly

First time I ever made a ham! I bought the ham from Albertsons and made it for 14 of my friends (around 10 pounder was perfect size with some left over). I was really nervous for how it would turn out but this recipe ended up making a great tasting ham. The ham had slices in it so I made sure to put the pineapple juice/mustard into all the crevices, as well as the glaze later. Thanks for a great recipe! Everyone said it tasted awesome!

This oven-baked ham recipe is so simple, with no scoring and no studding with cloves. This recipe uses a moist heat cooking method for the first half, and the ham is finished with a blast of high heat to caramelize the surface. The result yields meat that is juicy, tender, and full of flavor. This baked ham recipe is perfect for entertaining!

This all made sense to me, and the next time around, I followed his advice. I roasted my unscored, un-cloved whole ham (a 13-pounder) for an hour and 45 minutes at 325ºF in a pan with a little bit of water covered in foil. For the last 30 minutes, I removed the foil, cranked up the heat to 425ºF, and generously glazed the ham twice at 15 minute intervals.

Hi, thank you so much for this recipe, this is my first time doing a ham for my family and they all loved it! The water in the pan meant that the ham was moist and delicious. Highly recommended and 10 thumbs up from our family of 5 lol.

Most baked ham recipes call for heating the ham to an internal temp of 140F. But, if it's a ready-to-eat ham, you can heat it to a lower temp, you just want it to be warm enough to eat. The higher the internal temp, the more risk there is of drying out the ham. So the guideline here is 110F to 120F, but heat it to a higher temp if you want.

Made this for Christmas I baked it 275* for 3 hours Also added 1/2 cup of jack Daniel honey whisky in with glaze covered with foil. Using the spiraled cut Cumberland ham it truly was better (and cheaper) than honey baked. Thanks for your recipe.

Hi! So here I am making this wonderful, delicious, ever so easy to make ham once again. This is the most requested plate for Thanksgiving and Xmas. We have a large close family that only can sit and visit boots off and feast on a meal on those two days. Thank you from us!We love adding baked parmesan creamed corn as a side. I have yet to find a good recipe. Help!!Also any split pea soup?? ?

Or, for delicious results with minimum fuss, you can always buy a pre-cooked ham and add your own gorgeous glaze. Simply cover the meat in one of our glazes and roast in the oven until golden. Follow from step 7 in the recipe above, for guidance.

Made this for the two of us for after family Thanksgiving dinner. Awesome. I omitted ginger & paprika. As good as HB and about 1/4 the cost. I warmed it in my electric smoker about two hours at 245 degrees (3 lb ham). Thanks for a great recipe.

One of my favorite brown sugar ham glaze recipes combines brown sugar with whole grain mustard, brandy, cumin, and coriander. The sweet boozy note of the brandy enhances the brown sugar and complements the spicy twang of the mustard.

Check out the printable recipe card below for then nutrition information including calories, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, fiber, vitamin c, and calcium percentages. Nutritional values are calculated with all fat intact.

All I needed was a good recipe for the glaze, and you delivered. The ham is not even done yet, but I have tasted the glaze mix and can tell you I already love it. The smell of it cooking is making me happy! I know it will be delicious! Thank you!

Hi Sommer,I plan to try this recipe for Thanksgiving this year. I am not a cook AT ALL so I have done a bit of research to ensure my results are the best possible. A lot of tips I have read mention covering the ham (tenting it with foil) to keep it moist. Do you recommend foil tenting using this recipe or would that affect the dark, crusty end results you achieved above?

I followed this recipe and it was amazing! I only changed one thing. I substituted Red hot Apple Cider for the brandy. It was to die for. I could I have made myself sick eating this, and I am not a fan of ham. At all.

The brown sugar mustard glaze gets spread over the oven roasted ham for the last half hour of cooking (note: baking times will be different depending on the weight of the ham, see recipe below for specifics).

So good. I ran to the grocery to get a small ham for me and hubby and the only spiral-sliced one they had was HUGE (and expensive). so I bought this EXACT Smithfield ham. So glad to have found your instructions and recipe to help me make it taste great. A keeper!!!

I've been using this recipe for about 20 yrs. When added to the ham juice, it makes a great gravy.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 }, "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2012-04-08", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "luvbprincess" , "reviewBody": "so easy and simple to make and by the way it taste GREAT", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2015-12-25", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "Angel-Leah" , "reviewBody": "This is the best tasting ham glaze! It seems too easy to make to be so delicious. The men in my family decided it was the best ham they had ever had.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2017-04-24", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "kredhead" , "reviewBody": "This is a fabulous ham! I only had time to marinate it for half a day & it was plenty flavorful. The spice level & sweetness were perfect. I didn't have an orange, so I subbed a half a jar each of orange marmalade & pineapple preserves for the orange peel & brown sugar. I would do this again the same way. Rave reviews. This is now my go to ham recipe.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2011-12-26", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "lgibbs101" , "reviewBody": "Loved this glaze! I think this will be our go to glaze for Christmas.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2013-03-04", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "bethsylvester" , "reviewBody": "My husband is SO PICKY and he raved about this glaze. It was very simple to prepare and was DELICIOUS. Basting the ham while it cooked gave it a great crusty, sweet glaze. I am going to try this on ham steaks tonight.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2008-12-26", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "sanji" , "reviewBody": "This glaze is delicious. Wonderful flavour. I used it on a spiral ham for Christmas dinner, and it was the best I've ever tasted. All the family raved about it too.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2016-04-07", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "forbiddendelight" , "reviewBody": "AMAZING!!! I've always searched for a great recipe for my ham. THE BEST. I made it for Easter Dinner. Everyone loved it. I give this 10 ??", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 , "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Review", "datePublished": "2012-12-31", "author": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Person", "name": "Beaches74" , "reviewBody": "After reading all of the baked ham recipes I am so glad I picked this is so good! I like the idea of marinating the ham I put it in a roasting bag so all the juices would stay in the bag and turning it often instead of putting the ham in a bowl. This baked ham recipe was so delicious. I will keep this one in my recipe box and make it again. So good and very moist so easy.", "reviewRating": "@context": "http:\/\/\/", "@type": "Rating", "ratingValue": 5, "worstRating": 1, "bestRating": 5 ]} window.aax = window.aax ; window.aax.cmd = window.aax.cmd []; window.aax.cmd.push(function() if (window.aax.getAbpStatus()) window.googletag = window.googletag );!function(n)if(!window.cnxps)window.cnxps=,window.cnxps.cmd=[];var t=n.createElement('iframe');t.src='javascript:false'; t.display='none',t.onload=function()var n=t.contentWindow.document,c=n.createElement('script');c.src='//',c.setAttribute('async','1'),c.setAttribute('type','text/javascript'),n.body.appendChild(c),n.head.appendChild(t)(document);:root --link-color: #005278;--button-bg-color: #dc3623;--button_bg_hover_color: #c7211f;--header-select-border-type: solid;--header-border-color: #005278;--menu-first-item-bg-img: url();--menu-border-type: solid;--menu-border-color: #005278;--menu-border-width: 1px;--homepage-logo-tablet-height: 32px;--homepage-logo-tablet-width: 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You've got this!", "datePublished": "2022-04-04T10:25:00Z", "dateModified": "2023-01-19T02:50:36Z", "author": [ "@type": "Person", "name": "Lisa Kaminski" ], "image": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/03\/easter-ham-THAM19_PU4383_B11_13_14bC-MLedit.jpg", "height": 2000, "width": 2000 , "publisher": "@type": "Organization", "name": "Taste of Home", "logo": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/02\/toh-header-logo-horizontal.png", "width": 198, "height": 60 , "video": "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "How to Make Ham", "description": "Check out this video for how to make ham", "thumbnailUrl": [ "" ], "uploadDate": "2023-01-5 00:20:25", "duration": "P0DT0H5M37S", "contentUrl": "https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/04\

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