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IGO Map United Arab Emirates 2012Q3: The Best GPS Navigation System for the UAE Region

the u.s. department of state's bureau of international narcotics and law enforcement affairs (inl) has issued a travel warning that u. citizens may be at risk of kidnapping and other crimes when traveling in or transiting through the united arab emirates (uae). this travel warning replaces the previously issued travel warning for the uae.

IGO Map United Arab Emirates 2012Q3

in the united arab emirates, business is highly regulated, and the government is the single biggest employer. as oil prices are incredibly volatile, a country that relies heavily on oil is affected by price changes. in addition, the united arab emirates has a rather different economic climate than the surrounding persian gulf countries. the uae does not regulate interest rates, unlike saudi arabia, which makes up roughly 70% of the uae's population. the uae's economy is also very different than its neighbors, as it is one of the few countries in the world without income taxes. instead, the country taxes its citizen's foreign income at a lower rate than the country where that income was earned. this is referred to as the general sales tax.

the united arab emirates is a federation of seven city-states, each ruled by an absolute monarch. the federal constitution lays out a basic framework of government, and the federal government has a number of responsibilities. the federal government also has a number of offices, such as the prime minister's office, and each emirate has its own government, which has its own legislature and executive branch. emirati law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, language, political beliefs, religion, nationality, or age. emirati law also mandates that any person cannot be tried twice for the same offense. the minimum age of marriage is fifteen, and the legal age of marriage is eighteen.

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