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[S3E8] The Damage A Man Can Do ((LINK))

The bullying behavior is usually repeated, or threatened to be repeated, over and over. Someone who is bullying may decide to leave out a friend by giving them the cold shoulder and excluding them from group activities. Someone may use a false statement or other mean word toward another every time they see them, or go on social media in an attempt to damage their reputation. Even the threat of behavior like this causes unwanted and undeserved pain for the target.

[S3E8] The Damage a Man Can Do

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At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth shuffles her class outside as the women bring in supplies to treat the wounded miners. Leaving Rosemary behind as a substitute teacher, Elizabeth is going to speak to the children at the settlement about the accident. The children of Hope Valley are worried about the injured men and about the damage the flood could cause. Elizabeth assures them that their home will be fine and that constable Thornton will do his best to help all the men at the mine.

Night falls on the mine when all the men have finally been accounted for. Two men are dead and a couple dozen more are injured. With so many injured, moving them down the treacherous roads at night is impossible. Jack decides to wait until sunup to attempt moving the men to safety. In the meantime, he sends Jesse back to Hope Valley to tell the town to prepare for the injured first thing in the morning. As Jesse makes his way down the trail he sees a large logjam forming in the river. The swollen stream strains against the barrier, a dam made by nature that will bring unspeakable damage downstream when it finally breaks. Jesse wastes no time and spurs his horse onward.

NOLANYes. Uh, no, actually. Um, I spent the day trying to figure out the answer you were looking for. Clearly, the racial element to the question wasn't accidental, so was it all just a test to see what I would do to avoid a failing grade? And then I realized something that gave me the clarity that I needed -- the consequences of doing my job wrong are too extreme to just pick an answer to curry favor with you. I can't pick "A, question all the Black men, because that would just be wrong. I can't pick B" or "C", 'cause there's not enough information. We both know what damage a false arrest can do to a person's reputation, to their psyche. So if failing the answer to the question means I don't make up my exam and get an "F, so be it.

Lex escapes to the Kent Farm, and Clark finds him. Clark offers to go to the mansion to retrieve the evidence in the safe. When Clark gets there, he finds the manor undamaged and the safe empty. The stained glass window has been repaired, but Clark uses his X-ray vision to find a shard of glass behind some furniture. Clark returns to the farm and reports what he found to Lex, then goes to Chloe. Chloe admits to finding the connection between Lionel and Edge, but has no idea how Lex developed the theory that they killed Lionel's parents.

Elsewhere, a paranoid Holden runs a series of diagnostic scans on himself, looking for brain damage and, most crucially, the presence of protomolecule in his system. The tests are negative for both, which is a relief, except what is causing these hallucinations? Speaking of which, Miller returns, complete with private-eye fedora, which Holden can't handle. Miller's words seem to cohere better now, but he's still babbling about old Star Helix stories. Holden eventually gets feed up with the gobbledygook and starts yelling back, which is when Amos shows up to see his friend and captain yelling at an empty room. Amos is actually remarkably cool about it, and Holden promises to tell him if anything is truly amiss.

In "Moonshot," Morgan is finally assigned her first lead surgery which pleases her as even though Morgan is the last to get it, it is an extremely complex surgery. Morgan has some troubles while practicing and approaches Andrews about giving her a simpler surgery. Andrews explains that he believes that Morgan has the potential to be a leader and he is setting her up to shine. Morgan later visits Dr. Glassman's clinic under false pretenses and eventually admits that she was diagnosed a month before with rheumatoid arthritis which her mother had suffered from. Morgan doesn't want to let Lim and Andrews know as it will change their opinions of her, but she knows how much Glassman believed in and fought for Shaun and asks him to do the same for her, insisting that she is only suffering from pain and not nerve damage yet. Glassman agrees and helps treat Morgan's condition so that she can perform the surgery which Morgan is successful in despite some initial hesitation. When she leaves for the night Glassman, rubs Morgan's knuckle which she doesn't appear to feel, suggesting that she is suffering from nerve damage afterall which Morgan brushes off. At home, Morgan submerges her hands in a bowl of ice to treat the pain she is in.

In "I Love You," Morgan and Deena perform the surgery in the ER with Deena trying to get Morgan to limit her role due to her surgery; however, Morgan refuses as they can't afford to lose her with only Morgan and Deena there. The two succeed in saving their patient, but are interrupted by Andrews who accuses Morgan of trying to be a hero and kicks her out to finish the job himself. Andrews later examines Morgan's hands and admits that he was wrong in his opinion of Morgan as her actions proved that Morgan's patients are her first priority. However, doing the surgery may have damaged Morgan's hands to the point that her surgical career is ruined.

When Edward awoke in bed to find her apartment decorated with mannequins and newspaper cuttings of himself, he was unable to move and after she introduced herself as his "#1 fan" she revealed he had been frozen for five months. The last thing he remembered was being at the docks and he also expressed surprise that she outwitted Oswald by freeing him after she told him that he had been used as the centerpiece Iceberg Lounge. She attempted to nurse him back to health via acupuncture and testing him with riddles, which he was unable to answer. He eventually managed to escape from her by knocking her out with a book of children's riddles that she gave him in a bid to trigger his memory. After the auction, Oswald and Zsasz tracked down Myrtle and confronted her at her place for steeling Nygma. When she revealed Nygma's damaged mind, not able to even answer children's riddles, Cobblepot left the room and had Zsasz kill her to make an example. Meanwhile, in the streets, a confused Nygma walked down a street, where he saw a poster of Oswald in the Iceberg Lounge with himself frozen in the background hanging on a window, showing him that Penguin is in control of Gotham once again.[56]

Emmett and Travis go back to the rest of the crew. Travis says the driver's gone. Maya checks if Emmett managed to intubate and then tells him he took too long, which could mean permanent brain damage. Travis adds that that might have been the case if the man had had the slightest chance to begin with. The steering column was the only thing holding his thoracic cavity together, so the moment Travis reclined the seat, he bled out. That's why Maya had Emmett tube him, for practice. Travis points out he learned to tube in the field under pressure, but Emmett's not in for a pep talk.

Nightwing believed that Stagg had become paranoid that someone else would emulate him and use meta-humans against him, and that the machine would protect him from them. Since Oracle had sent all the evidence to the authorities, a news broadcast was shown that Stagg was being arrested in Gotham City for meta-trafficking. The Reach device was on its way back to STAR Labs Detroit, although it appeared to have sustained some damage.

As they won't attack him, Ainz decides to make a move with [Touch of Undeath], a spell Arche has never heard of. Ainz calmly walks over to them, easily deflecting Imina's arrows; he instantly appears behind Imina to use his Touch, but Hekkeran pushes her out of the way to use a heavy combo of Martial Arts to strike Ainz. Thinking he got him, he stands bemused at Ainz with no damage, who grabs him by the face. Hekkeran then warns Imina he has immunity to slash and strike attacks, which Ainz corrects as any weaker level attacks don't leave damage on him; with Imina calling that a cheat. As the others debate this claim, they think he may have some weakness. Ainz then uses [Paralysis] on Hekkeran, and he thinks his [Touch of Undeath] may be overkill for them. Imina then directs her insults to Hekkeran who should have just abandoned her, but he didn't as he loves her; Ainz calls her out as distasteful for her insults. It is then Imina remembers and tries to bluff Ainz that if they don't return by a certain hour, Momon "The Strongest Man" will come for them. Ainz rebuffs this as he cannot save them from him.

Meanwhile, before Spencer can deliver the bad news to his workers he has to go see the doctor about his fertility. The results are unfortunately not good as he is told his sperm are "declining at a rapid rate." The doctor tells him it's from his stress and substance abuse taking over the years but the damage has already been done so there's nothing he can do to fix his condition. He still has "functioning swimmers" but, he better hurry up and get to it if he wants to have children. If only he had a special lady in his life?

The Queen did send Prince Philip to survey the damage and represent the royal family at Aberfan, but the reason she initially declined to visit and later arrived in Wales eight days after the disaster is unknown. Robert Lacey's Monarch: The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II suggests that the Queen viewed gestures like visiting disaster sites as overly performative, since there was little she could constructively do for the people of Aberfan.

What happens to Vought after Homeland lasers that guy's head?Kripke: They are in the same place they always were, which is a certain amount of damage control, a certain amount of character assassination on the guy that Homelander killed. It's the usual menu to make sure that their heroes remain the profitable commodities that they are. What's insane about the world we live in is people want to eat it up. They don't want their heroes to take responsibility. 041b061a72


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