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Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6

With its incredibly sad narrative, Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6 sees the tumultuous relationship of Shigeo Kageyama and Dimple come to an end in one of the best ways imaginable. From start to finish, the entire episode is laden with deep, vulnerable soliloquies from the two about why they value each other and what they each mean to one another.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6

The latest Mob Psycho 100 episode might have come as a shock to many viewers due to an implied character death. The series is generally known for its humor and lighthearted atmosphere, but the recent episode takes the opposite turn. Mob and Dimple make up after Mob uses his own version of Naruto's "Talk no Jutsu" on the green spirit. However, trouble resurfaces when Psycho Helmet becomes sentient. This event forces Dimple to make a grave sacrifice.

Dimple realizes the Divine Tree's energy created a sentient Psycho Helmet. Psycho Helmet begins attacking Dimple and the unconscious Mob. Dimple and Psycho Helmet engage in an intense battle, leaving Dimple nearly incapacitated. In the middle of the fight, Mob wakes up but is still incredibly exhausted. Dimple uses his power to force Mob to get up and leave. After arriving home, Ritsu and Mob watch the news and see the Divine Tree floating away from the city. By the end of the episode, it seems like Mob vaguely remembers Dimple's sacrifice and cries for him.

The episode made it seem like it was the end for this beloved Mob Psycho character. Dimple learned the importance of his friendship with Mob. Additionally, Mob changed Dimple's goals for himself. But good things sometimes come to an end. Despite possessing god-like powers, it looked like the energy the Divine Tree gathered proved to be no match for Dimple. Dimple was aware of this, especially since it was his first time using such immense power. Before parting ways with Mob, Dimple's God form was already missing a few body parts. At this point, Dimple was worn out, and viewers were unsure as to how much power he had left in comparison to the sentient Psycho Helmet. The last sighting of Dimple was perhaps the many golden particles that rose up with the Divine Tree as it floated away.

Meanwhile, warped perspective shots allowed for emotion to leak from Ritsu, inviting us into his world, demanding we be drawn into his cerebral space. These forced perspectives literally increasing the size of the focus in the center frame; we have no choice but to see and acknowledge it. But carrying all of this was the lighting, providing an even and level dais for the other elements to stand on. Even though this episode falls short of being the fantastical spectacle we demand week to week, the visuals carried the burden of the story just as effectively, only differently.

-To Mr. GnomeThough I cannot think of a reasonable way to make it better, this episode definetly did not compare to the manga. Your analysis was spot on, besides four or more pages of characterization for Tenga and others that this episode did not adapt, it also cut out some plot that is going on with Mezato.

Compared to the corresponding mid-season headline fight of Season 2 (Mob vs Mogami), I would say this episode did a much better job of keeping the emotional element with the spectacle of explosions, high energy movement etc.

The worldwide phenomenon and overnight success of Mob Psycho 100 are unique in a way that will probably never be seen in this medium again. The series is back with its third instalment being Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, or just Mob Psycho Season 3. The series is based upon a manga written by One Punch Man author and artist ONE. Click here to read the review of the previous episode in the series.

The episode was also quite emotional as it drew upon the history and friendship that Mob and Dimple share. The two have had a sometimes contentious but mostly helpful and friendly relationship throughout the three seasons that we have seen them together, with both of them learning a lot from each other and guiding each other through various challenges. The confrontation was much more contentious in the previous episode, but Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 6 pushed the confrontation in a weird, interesting, and predictable direction.

I recognise what the show was trying to do, but I am not convinced that it worked. A traditional battle between ideas would have been preferable to what occurred, even though what happened was still quite good. The end of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 6 was fantastic and a moment that will have a lasting impact as one of the most poignant endings to an episode, but there were better ways to get here. Overall, this was an episode that was fantastic but had the ability to be even better than that.

Warning: Spoilers for Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 6Though Mob Psycho 100 by the manga artist One is mostly a comedic series, it's still able to execute drama quite well when it needs to, as was the case for a massive confrontation between Mob and Dimple. How it all ended, however, is what really sets Mob Psycho 100 apart, and casts Mob as one of the greatest heroes ever when it comes to de-escalation.

Dimple, of course, had expected that Mob might come to stop him; after first offering to share this power and being refused, Dimple decided it was time to fight, and took on his ultimate God form (which closely resembles One-Punch Man's Golden Sperm) and began smacking Mob around, as Mob's power continued to grow. Episode 5 ended with Dimple laughing at Mob's shirt, seemingly sending him over 100%... but episode 6 opened with Mob deliberately dispersing his built-up power. He did this to prove to Dimple that he wasn't there to fight, putting himself at potentially great risk, since without his power, even Mob could be susceptible to mind control. Mob insists that he's willing to do this because he trusts Dimple--after all, Dimple was honest about how bad his shirt is when no one else was. Dimple has a realization that what he's after hasn't been followers, but friends... and Mob really, truly is that friend he's always been looking for.

Mob Psycho 100 is set apart from other similar shows because Mob doesn't want to fight, and this season 3 episode proves that even the de-escalation of a fight can be emotional and interesting if it's done well. 041b061a72


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