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Debbie And Alice Hungry For Horse Cock _HOT_

SMITH: (Laughter) Yes, he was my rescuer because - I mean, it might seem contradictory that, you know, a girl has the experience that I had would still be extremely inexperienced in a dating situation, but I was. I had very little experience. And I had never dated an older man. He was probably, like, under 30 but he seemed like a grown-up to me. And I was so hungry. I hadn't eaten in a few days and my boss was friendly with him. He was a science fiction writer, and he asked me to go to dinner after work at Brentano's. And we walked all the way to Tompkins Square Park and sat on a bench. I kept wishing it would just end. And then he asked me to come up to his apartment, which was nearby, and have a cocktail. And I thought, oh, man, this is it. I'm - you know, I was just imagining, you know, what's going to happen. I'm not going to be able to get away. You know, he's going to try to get me drunk. I'm going to get raped. I mean, this poor guy, I mean, I'm sure he wasn't so horrible. But I was just in a - well, I was afraid. And I was thinking about, what should I do? Should I run? And then I looked and, as if an answer to a prayer, here comes walking down the path this boy who I had just briefly met now twice, and walking alone, just dressed like 1967 in a sheepskin vest and a lot of love beads with long curly hair, looked a bit like Tim Buckley. And I just impulsively ran up to him and said, do you remember me? And he said yes, and I said, will you just pretend you're my boyfriend? And he said, sure. And I dragged him over to the science fiction guy and I said this is my boyfriend. He's really mad. I have to go home now. And the guy looked at me like I was crazy. And I said to Robert, run.

Debbie And Alice Hungry For Horse Cock



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