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Prison Architect 1.02 (35409) DLC

Prison Architect 1.02 (35409) DLC: A Review of the Latest Updates and Features

Prison Architect is a simulation game that lets you design and manage your own prison. You can build cells, hire staff, set up security, and deal with the needs and behaviors of your inmates. The game has been updated regularly since its release in 2015, and the latest version, 1.02 (35409), includes several new downloadable content (DLC) packs that add more features and challenges to the game. Here is a review of the latest DLCs and what they offer to the players.

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Jungle Pack

The Jungle Pack is an aesthetic pack that sets your compound in the deep and lush tropical forest. Far from civilization, Wardens will need to manage their inmates while dealing with the dangers of nature. The pack includes new items, floors, walls, doors, windows, trees, plants, animals, and weather effects that create a jungle atmosphere. You can also use new grants and programs to make your prison more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Future Tech Pack

The Future Tech Pack brings the latest technology to your prison. Monitor your inmates with Advanced Searchlights, Tracking Belts, and Glass walls. Make good use of futuristic floors and doors, and, if needed, install an Electrified Fence. The pack also introduces new challenges, such as power outages, cyberattacks, and rogue drones.


Undead brings a whole new scenario to Prison Architect: one where the only objective is to survive! With this new, spooky, expansion wardens will have to fight off the undead attacks to save their inmates and free the prison from an unprecedented catastrophe. The pack adds new items, such as weapons, barricades, traps, and generators, as well as new enemies, such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. You can also play in a new mode called Escape Mode: Undead, where you take control of an inmate and try to escape from the prison while avoiding the undead horde.

Free for life

The Free for life update is a free update that adds some improvements and fixes to the base game. It includes new features such as staff training, emergency services, staff morale, staff needs, staff fatigue, staff misconduct, staff complaints, staff strikes, staff unions, staff contracts, staff bonuses, staff promotions, staff demotions, staff transfers, staff resignations, staff retirements, staff deaths. It also adds some new items such as vending machines, coffee machines, water coolers. The update also fixes some bugs and balances some aspects of the game.


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