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special effects.the movie has a few special effects, and it is one of the most under-rated movies in the history of indian cinema. this movie is a brilliant combination of story, action, emotions, and captivating characters. sanjay kapoor, is the son of the great actor-producer, raj kapoor and he is a perfect fit for the role of a boy-next-door character. he plays the character of a middle class boy and the boy-next-door image adds a strong flavour to the movie. the overall look of the film is in sync with the city of nainital, and the fact that the entire film is shot in the city of nainital adds to the movies authenticity. the city has been excellently recreated in the movie and the movie looks like it was shot in nainital.

Sirf Tum full movie 720p download movies

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the cinematography is another strong point of the movie. the films locations were shot in nainital, a small town in uttarakhand. the movie was also released in nainital, which further adds to the authenticity of the film. the films music also adds to the movies authenticity. the film has the perfect mix of songs, such as sangeetha velicham, panchavarni and many more.

sanjay kapoor, who is the son of the legendary actor raj kapoor, is great as the lead character in the movie. his character is well developed, and he plays the character of an ordinary youth. while he has a bad temper, he also has a good heart and he loves his family. he is the son of the great actor-producer, raj kapoor. the father-son relationship between sanjay kapoor and his character in the movie is very well developed. the films director, s.

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