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7 : Rush

Ring 7 Tower Rush (R7TR) is the Tower Rush of Ring 7. It contains every Ring 7 Tower except the Soul Crushing towers, which are Tower of Extreme Hell, Tower of Terrifying Beauty, and Tower of Elongated Runs. It was released on December 15, 2020. This tower rush is considered one of the hardest, due to towers with many outside sections and the general difficulty range of Ring 7 being quite high.

7 : Rush

While the episode relied heavily on special effects, director Robert Lieberman was able to create many of the necessary scenes simply using different camera speeds.[3] In order to get the proper feel for the rush effects, test footage of assistant director Xochi Blymyer was filmed at 24, 12 FPS, 6 FPS, and 3 frames per second (FPS). After filming, a digital "blur effect" was then added to give the shot an unfocused look. During the scene where the teenagers stumble into the light and receive the speed power, the special effects crew shot two separate shots: one of the teens' bodies and one of the teens' heads rapidly flailing. The special effects crew then "pull[ed] the head[s] off" of the shots featuring the teens moving rapidly, and used them to replace the heads on the shots of the teens' motionless bodies. This method kept their bodies in focus but allowed their heads to rapidly move.[4]

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